Robosexual is a term to describe people (or sentient robots, if technology ever advances that far) who are sexually and/or emotionally attached to robots.[1] Generally, the robots to which robosexuals are attracted are humanoid.

Like some other sexual orientations, robosexuality only goes in one direction: from human to robot. This is because robots are still a long way from sentience, and because even if a person were in a hypothetical relationship with a hypothetically sentient robot, that robot would not be robosexual towards the person, since robosexuality is exclusively an attraction towards robots (and not humans such as the hypothetical human in question).

A Sexual Orientation of the Future

Obviously, there are very few robosexuals today, but robosexuality is bound to become common in the not-too-distant future.[2][3] Dr. David Levy, an expert in human-robot relationships, said that humans will be marrying robots by 2050.[2]

An Example of a Robosexual

One noteworthy example of a robosexual person is a French woman named Lilly, who designed her own robot partner.[2][4]

(reference to flag: [5])


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