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Infimosexuality is a sexual orientation that is characterized by the inability to feel sexual attraction and romantic attraction simultaneosly to the same individual. Someone whose affective attraction to someone annuls the erotic attraction or vice versa is infimosexual. Infimosexuality can be experienced along with other sexualities. For example, a homosexual infimosexual will feel sexual attraction to the same gender as their own until a romantic attraction appear or vice versa.

Along with ceterosexuality, skoliosexuality, schrodisexuality, speciosexuality, pomosexuality,... among others; is one of the thousand sexualities not officially recognized by the LGBT+ community.


The prefix infimo- comes from Latin and means "to weaken, to refute, to invalidate".


It seems to have emerged in the internet around 2018 as an inside joke. There are no records of people who truly identify as infimosexual.


The colors of the infimosexual pride flag have the following meanings:

  • Red: Sexual desire
  • Pink: Romanticism
  • White: The abyss that separates sexual and romantic attraction from asexuality and aromanticism
  • Shades of green: The lack of love and sex activity