Someone who does not experience (or very little) sexual attraction to primary or secondary sex characteristics, but can experience sexual attraction to other physical traits, non-physical traits, and/or changeable appearance; which can also be fluid and change over time. Those who are Idi might be only be attracted to a trait if it’s exclusive in one gender or to a trait regardless of gender.

Physical traits that might attract those who are Idi can include; height, body shape, and/or non-sex related traits. Non-Physical traits can include personality, gestures, and voice. Changeable appearance can include how someone dresses, their hairstyle, etc.

Having these traits does not mean someone who’s Idi WILL be attracted to you, but it means they are more inclined to be attracted to those with whatever traits they’re attracted to.

This sexuality can be used on its own, or as a prefix, such as Idi-Heterosexual, Idi-Pansexual, Idi-Homosexual, etc.


The prefix of this sexuality means “Personal”, as everyone who is Idi is attracted to different traits, and likely no one who identifies with this sexuality will be attracted to the same traits as other people who identify with this orientation.


Flag Colors & Meanings

Green = Attraction to Non-Physical Traits or "Aesthetic"

Red = Fashion/Appearance or "Choice"

Yellow = Little to no sexual attraction to Primary or Secondary Sex Characteristics or "Idea"

Blue = Fluidity or Static Attraction or "Preference"

Purple = Other Physical Attraction or "Happiness"

Alternative Flag

Idisexual Alternate-0.png

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